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DELTA-OV cast single filters

The DELTA-OV series presents cast single filters that have been specially developed for the filtration of liquids and gases and are characterized by their robustness and efficiency. These filters belong to the strainer basket filter category. The filter housing is made of high-quality cast stainless steel, gray cast iron and cast steel and has a protective coating.

The INLINE design for inlet and outlet enables simple and direct integration into existing piping systems without the need for extensive modifications. Another advantage of DELTA-OV filters is that the housing can be opened without the use of special tools. This facilitates access to the strainer basket inserts and enables quick and uncomplicated cleaning, which significantly reduces maintenance times. The design of DELTA-OV filters follows good engineering practice and does not require CE marking.

Overall, DELTA-OV cast single filters offer a robust and efficient solution for filtration requirements in various industrial applications, with easy maintenance and customization options providing additional flexibility and adaptability to specific process conditions.

Product information

  • Flow rate up to 160 m³/h (based on clean water)
  • Nominal connection sizes with flange DN20 to DN150
  • Nominal connection sizes with 3/4" - 2 1/2" BSP female thread
  • Max. Permissible pressure up to 40 bar (depending on version)
  • Permissible max. Temperature 50°C
  • Filter fineness nominal 50 µm - 6350 µm Standard
  • Special gauges in 10 and 25 µm in pleated (folded) design
DELTA-OV cast single filters

Further information

Type Max. permissible. Pressure at 50 °C (internal thread)Max. permissible. Pressure at 50°C (flange drilled according to EN1092-1) Housing material Screen basket material Seal material
DELTA-OV 17 bar 16 bar Gray cast iron; EN 1561; EN-JL 1030 Stainless steel; 1.4571/ 1.4401FPM
DELTA-OV/S 22 bar 16 bar Cast steel; EN 10213/ 1.0625Stainless steel; 1.4571/ 1.4401FPM
DELTA-OV/SS 22 bar 14.3 bar Cast stainless steelM EN 10213/ 1.4408Stainless steel; 1.4571/ 1.4401FPM
DELTA-OV/S-A300 40 bar Stainless steel casting; EN 10213/ 1.4408 Stainless steel; 1.4571/ 1.4401FPM
DELTA-OV/SS-A300 35.6 bar Stainless steel casting; EN 10213/ 1.4408Stainless steel; 1.4571/ 1.4401FPM
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