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We offer versions as single filters, switchable double filters and mobile filter systems. Rental filters and test filters in a wide variety of designs are also available.

Are you thinking about re-equipping your machines and systems and would like to benefit from the the latest technologies benefit the industry? Find out more about self-cleaning filters, automatic backwash filters, edge filters and other products from our range right here on our website. Would you like to know more about Filter variants experience? Get in touch with us as a filter manufacturer so that we can help you competently.

Wedge wire filter

These filters are particularly suitable for viscous and highly viscous media, for example in the pai...

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Centrifugal separators (separators)

The DELTA-ZFA series from DELTAFILTER Filtrationssysteme GmbH comprises high-performance centrifugal...

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Automatic filter

With an automatic filter, you are choosing a widely used standard for removing particles from all ty...

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Rental filters and test filters

Test filters and rental filters offer a flexible and economical option for the filtration of liquid,...

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Lid quick-release fasteners

Our range includes various quick-release fasteners such as DELTA-BSV quick-release clamp fasteners a...

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Mobile filter systems

At your request, we can also supply our filters as complete, mobile filter systems in compliance wit...

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Filter inserts

Filter cartridges are an essential element in the filtration of liquids and gases, especially in ind...

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Hat sieves (start-up sieves)

Hat strainers, the effective solution for the filtration of liquids and gases, are characterized by ...

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Bag filter

In these filtration systems, liquids or gases are passed through a bag of filter material. This bag ...

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Cartridge filter

Cartridge filters are filter elements that consist of cylindrical cartridges or candles. They are us...

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Strainer basket filter

These are filter devices that use a fine-mesh sieve or a perforated plate basket to separate solid p...

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Backwash filter

In this variant, the filter is cleaned at certain intervals or after the differential pressure in th...

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What does a filter do?

All filters and filter systems in our range are designed to remove dirt, rust and other unwanted particles from aqueous, pasty or viscous media. In the industrial sector, the filtration of liquids and gases makes a valuable contribution to the service life of your machines and systems and to the quality of your end products.

With over 30 years of experience as a filter manufacturer, we develop systems and solutions that meet the needs of almost all industries and media. Special designs such as self-cleaning filters reduce your maintenance requirements and also contribute to economic efficiency. As part of our expert consultation, we clarify all technical specifications with you to ensure that the type and degree of filtration meets your requirements.