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Centrifugal separator DELTA-ZFA

The centrifugal separator from DELTAFILTER is the right step towards cost-cutting and environmentally friendly filtration. This operating fluid-free separation system requires no maintenance and is therefore particularly cost-effective to use. With its small footprint and the absence of moving parts and backwashing, the centrifugal separator offers a maintenance-free solution that guarantees consistently low differential pressure, high flow rates and excellent efficiency.

The contaminated liquid is fed by the operating pressure via tangential slots into the separation chamber, where the rotation of the liquid creates a central vortex. The resulting centrifugal forces hurl the particles against the outer wall of the separation chamber, from where they sink and sediment into the flow-calmed collection chamber due to gravity and the flow. The sediments can be discharged automatically or manually at intervals.

As there is no need for filter elements or filter bags, there are no operating costs for these components. In addition, the centrifugal separator enables continuous separation without the high liquid losses that can occur with backwash filters.

The centrifugal separator achieves a separation of over 98% of all particles with a specific weight of 2.6 – 2.8 kg/dm³ (sand) and a particle size of around 75 µm or larger. In circulating systems or with two units connected in series, a filter fineness of approx. 50 µm can even be achieved with the same density, whereby heavier particles such as metal chips are separated even more efficiently.

Product information

  • Flow rates 0.7 - 2,700 m³/h. Higher flow rates due to parallel arrangement of the devices
  • Manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Suitable for media of fluid group 2, liquid. Classification: Art. 4, para. 3 "Good engineering practice"
  • Pressure losses: min. 0.3 - max. 0.9 bar
  • Housing material: carbon steel, stainless steel 304 L or 316 L as standard, other materials on request, e.g. epoxy coatings on carbon steel
  • Operating pressure: min. 1 bar to max. 10 bar for standard versions. Centrifugal separators for higher pressures on request, pressure test certificate on request
  • Design temperature: 70°C, higher temperatures also possible with standard models depending on pressure (pD <0.5 bar)
  • Prerequisites for good function:
  • required min. Difference in density between particle and liquid is 20%
  • Max. Viscosity: 3°E or 22 cSt
  • Max. Particle concentration: 1% by volume, higher concentrations on request
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