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Rental filters and test filters

Test filters and rental filters offer a flexible and economical option for the filtration of liquid, viscous and highly viscous media. These filter options are ideal for temporary applications, for example for short-term capacity peaks or seasonal changes in the media. One of the main advantages of trial filters is that they can be used after the trial phase has been completed. This provides an excellent opportunity to test the effectiveness and suitability of the filter system under real conditions before making a decision on a permanent purchase.

Rental filters are an ideal alternative for applications that only require additional filtration capacity on a temporary basis. This option enables companies to respond to unforeseen needs or peaks in production without having to invest in permanent equipment. This not only saves costs, but also increases flexibility when dealing with capacity requirements. Various filter types are available for testing and rental, including basket filters, bag filters and cartridge filters. This variety of options ensures that the right device can be found for every specific application.

We attach great importance to working with our customers to select the optimum device for their specific requirements. Through this individual consultation, we ensure that the filtration solution selected is optimally tailored to the respective needs and process requirements.

Selbstreingender Filter DELTA-STRAIN 600-RS
Kantenspaltfilter DELTA-STRAIN 35-D:L
Kantenspaltfilter DELTA-STRAIN 240-S:L
Automatikfilter DELTA-STRAIN 400-RS
Spaltfilter DELTA-STRAIN 110-D:L im Versuch auf einem Seeschiff
Spaltfilter 2 DELTA-STRAIN 110-D:L im Versuch auf einem Seeschiff
Versuchsfilter DELTA-STRAIN 175-D:L-S für Dispersionsfarben
Automatikfilter DELTA-STRAIN 110-D:L-S in Sektkellerei
Spaltfilter DELTA-STRAIN 35-D:L-S mit Austragsschleuse und Steuerung
Drehfilter DELTA-STRAIN 35-D:L-S mit Austragsschleuse und Steuerung
Spaltfilter DELTA-STRAIN 175-D:L in Autowaschstraßen
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