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Lid quick-release fasteners

Lid quick-release fasteners, such as the DELTA-BSV, are an innovative solution that enables filter systems to be opened and closed quickly without the use of tools. They are specially designed for our screen basket filters of the SKS series and offer a considerable increase in efficiency in the handling of filtration systems. A key feature of the DELTA-BSV is the integrated lifting and swivel device. This enables quick and easy operation, which saves a considerable amount of time during maintenance and cleaning work. Quick access to the filter elements without additional tools simplifies the process and increases productivity.

We also offer customized versions of the DELTA-BSV, which are also suitable for third-party products. This means that the quick-release lid fastener can be adapted to a wide range of existing filter systems, regardless of their manufacturer. The flexibility in adapting to different systems underlines the versatility of this product.

Our range includes various quick-release fasteners such as DELTA-BSV quick-release clamp fasteners and DELTA-SSV segment quick-release fasteners. In addition, the quick-release lid fastener can be retrofitted to our SKS series basket strainers as well as to filters from other manufacturers. This offers our customers the opportunity to update existing systems efficiently and benefit from the advantages of fast and tool-free access.

Product information

  • Made entirely of high-quality stainless steel 1.4571 (product-contacted)
  • Design and calculation in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU
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